Russell Ray

Republican for Corporation Commissioner

Oklahoma’s Voice for Transparency and Fairness

“This election is a choice between the state’s political establishment and someone who is unafraid to ask tough questions and vote his conscience.  It’s a choice between state business being conducted behind closed doors and a demonstrated commitment to openness and transparency.  It’s a choice between more special interest politics and a fair shake for consumers.”

– Russell Ray

Russell Ray is

A conservative Republican.
Devoted to his faith, family and community.
A longtime energy journalist and communications executive.
A former spokesman and thought leader for America’s power generation industry.
NOT a career politician.
NOT in the pocket of any special interests.

Russell Ray believes

  • Good government begins with openness and transparency.
  • The balance between the concerns of consumers and business is out of whack at the OCC right now.  The agency prioritizes business interests over consumer interests – that’s got to change.
  • Recent lawsuits alleging natural gas market manipulation during the 2021 Winter Storm indicate the Corporation Commission should have conducted a more thorough probe before approving those billions of dollars in costs.
  • The OCC needs commissioners who are not afraid to ask the state’s monopoly public utilities tough questions about controlling their fuel costs.
  • His 20 years of experience evaluating energy policy, pricing and technology will help him make better decisions about what’s fair for both consumers and utilities.
  • Oklahoma needs an all-of-the-above strategy to meet our energy needs, including natural gas, oil, coal, nuclear, wind, solar and energy storage.
  • Amid all the recent controversy and rate hikes, the credibility of the OCC is at stake.  Adding another member of the political establishment to the commission will only make things worse.
  • The Corporation Commission should not be a retirement home for term-limited former state legislators who treat it like a part-time job.

Russell Ray asks for your

VOTE on or before June 18.

Russell and his wife Deborah, a public-school teacher, live in Edmond and attend Henderson Hills Baptist Church.  He is a proud member of the Oklahoma City Gun Club and National Rifle Association.

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